Monday, 27 January 2014

Tribal Sun - free motion quilting Cameo 19

free motion quilting design
Tribal Sun - free motion quilting Cameo 20

This cameo was inspired by the quilting on some cushions by Yoshiko Jinzenji. If you have never seen the work of the inspirational quilt artist Yoshiko Jinzenji, do visit her website at

The quilting created a variety of patterns using close parallel lines. It is quite a while since I made this cameo, and this is a technique I must return to. I find it very meditative and particularly enjoy creating the larger triangles. Any one of the 3 sides can be used as the starting point of the parallel lines, each side giving a very different result. You can chose whether to make the ends curved or straight.


Thanks for dropping by...

Hilary Florence


  1. Hello Hilary, Thank you for showing this wonderful free motion quilting. I like those triangles, too. And I like the shape of a sun, To stitch the lines is not only fun but also relaxing. I am glad I found your blog. Viele Gruesse, Martina

  2. Hello Martina.
    Thank your for your kind words. Just today I found some sketches I had made of other patterns compiled from closely stitched parallel lines. Definitely another wall hanging in my head there waiting for time to come out. I've also used parallel lines to form a background to something, which is very effective. That is coming up soon on a cameo, so watch this space! Schoene Gruesse
    Hilary Florence

  3. Hello Hilary,
    I like stitched parallel lines therefore you can be sure that I will follow you ;) Viele Gruesse, Martina