Friday, 24 January 2014

Round Pegs and Square Holes - free motion quilting Cameo 18

free motion quilting original design motif
Round Pegs and Square Holes - free motion quilting Cameo 19
I like the effect of this design. Perhaps it is the combination of right angles and circles, but it always makes me think of electric circuit boards and two pin plugs. I'm showing my age here and experience of a world that predates electric chips that fit onto a pin-head!

I think this one works best with a half-drop repeat. When combining lines of a continuous line quilting pattern to make an overall pattern, there is always the question of direction. Having reached the end of the line, the easiest thing to avoid stopping and starting again, is to turn the piece and go back. This means the next line will be upside down, which sometimes doesn't matter or is even desirable. The other alternative, which I used here, is to learn to quilt the design backwards. On larger pieces where turning is awkward, being able to quilt a pattern forward, backward and sideways is very  helpful. It is a skill worth practising.


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