Monday, 20 January 2014

Thorny Point - free motion quilting Cameo 17

free motion quilting motif
Thorny Point - free motion quilting Cameo 17
I don't think I can claim that this is an original design. Many quilters and artists have used images of thorns or barbed wire to great effect in their work. I find it a very powerful motif and of course, by its nature, every time you quilt it, it will be different.

I quilt down one side, creating thorns of different lengths and angles as I go, then go back up the other side and complete them. In general in my quilting, I pre-mark as little as possible, but here, if you want interlocking, but not crossing lines in a good rhythm, in can help just to mark the line in first.

It works well as a single line, or a collection of interlocking lines to create a texture. The line can be vertical, horizontal or even curved.


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