Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Stencils, soldering irons and inattentive mothers!

stencils, negative and positive prints,rollers, thickened procion dyes on paper
Procion paper play - stencils and rollers with thickened procion dyes

Quite a few years ago I went on a course for fusing fabrics together with a soldering iron - and did not enjoy it. No offence to artists who do fuse. In fact if you visit the website of Margaret Beal,, one of the great proponents of fusing, you will see some amazing work. However, as I said to my mother, working with a soldering iron was definitely not for me and not something I intended to do in the future.   

The only thing my mother remembered from that conversation was the word 'soldering iron' and guess what I got for Christmas?!! Well, this soldering iron has lain forlorn in my draw for years, but suddenly I have round a great use for it. It is wonderful for cutting through perspex to make stencils.

Here is the first I made - a sort of plant with berries. Not quilt successful because I didn't put in any bridges. So there a lot of loose bits flapping around in the breeze which allows quite a bit of seepage under the stencil. Still, I'm quite pleased for a first attempt.

stencils,negative and positive prints,rollers, thickened procion dyes on paper

It is amazing how effective it can be to restrict yourself to just 2 dyes. The first photo uses turquoise and rust, above and below uses turquoise and charcoal. I've also turned the stencil over and stamped with it, giving both a positive and negative print.

stencils, negative and positive prints,rollers, thickened procion dyes on paper

The second stencil is very loosely based on wisteria. 

Turquoise, violet and mustard.


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Hilary Florence


  1. Just stopped by from Lori's blog post and I am so intrigued by this technique. Have you ever thought to make some fabric on Spoonflower with it? It would be lovely!

  2. Hi Pam,
    I'm so pleased you visited and thank you very much for your comment. Do have a go yourself. The technique has so many possibilities with layering, using positive and negative images and any combination of colour mixing. No, I hadn't thought to make some fabric on Spoonflower, but I will check it out. Have you made any? Thank you for the suggestion.
    I'll be going back to Lori's blog later today to visit other quilters' blogs and will be sure to stop by to see yours. What a wonderful idea Lori had. As a relative new-commer to blogging, it's great to meet others.
    Hilary Florence