The 101 Free Motion Quilted Cameos - so far!

I love free motion quilting and I love to create new and different motifs. My aim is to be 'consistently inconsistent'. By that I mean that each repeat of a motif should visibly belong to the same 'family' but not be a clone. Each should breathe its own individuality. I mark as little as possible and I don't unpick if I can help it. In other words, Ladies (and any Gents out there) learn to love your wobbles!

The aim of this project is to produce a 101 six inch free motion quilted cameos of new, original design or to present well known patterns in a new light.  I post them once or twice weekly but here you will find all the ones posted so far without having to trawl through the blog.

 P.S.  All photos, motifs and designs are the property of Hilary Florence and are intended for personal use only. Feel free to re-blog and Pin with attribution to
 Hilary Florence @

1  Angel Flight

2 Figures of Eight

3 Underneath the Arches

4 Looping the Loop

5 Ship Ahoy

6 Going Loopy

8 Frosted Leaves

9 Stampede

9 Square Division

10 Bubble Wrap

11. Banana Branches

12 Encore

13 Fingerprint

14 Ee-bah-gum

15 Peas in a Pod
17 Thorny Point

18 Round Pegs and Square Holes

19 Tribal Sun

20 Square Forest

21 Keyholes

22 Hour Glass

23 Funky Spider Web

24 Leaf Print

25 Leaf Triplet

26 Trio of Leaves
27 Waving in the Wind

28 Crossing Over

29 Triangle Tangle

30 Arch Intersection

31 Circuit Board

32 Arrow Head

33 Not on My Parade

34 Wimbledon

35 That is the Question

36 Ripped Ribbon



  1. Wow, Hilary your FMQ is AMAZING! #8 would have been a great addition to my "In the hedgerow" quilt. Thanks for visiting and your encouraging comment BTW!

  2. Thank you so much. I'm glad you like my FMQ. Like most bloggers, I really appreciate it when someone leaves a comment. Yes, I can see than 'Frosted Leaves' would have worked well in your 'In the hedgerow' quilt. Leaves are much loved by quilters and with reason - they are so useful. Feel free to use it in another quilt, but please credit me with the design and point people in the direction of this blog.
    Do you know, I have searched your blog and I can not find your name? I think from a comment that it might be Christine? Anyway, it is fascinating to see how your quilting, much more open than mine, gives a different texture. Do you do your large quilts on a domestic sewing machine? And your English is amazing!
    Hilary Florence

  3. Your way of keeping your FMQ samples are terrific. What a great way to keep them and show them. . My quitting at present is all done on my DSM ... the one I am currently sewing is a King Sized one and at times awkward. I am enjoying your blog :)

  4. Your quilting is amazing. I really like the variety. I thought 'under the arches' also looks like an audience at a theatre. I've got a long way to go, but appreciate the inspiration.

  5. This is a great set of examples! Love your idea to catalog them. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hilary, these are GREAT allovers or fillers!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. These are a lot of great patterns. I think my favourite was the 2 firgures of 8.

  8. Hi Hilary,
    I love to do free motion quilting and your patterns are such an inspiration! Thanks for sharing them.

  9. These are great designs, well done. I am inspired yet again by the wealth of talent amongst quilters

  10. HI HIlary, thanks for your motifs--They are unique but look doable. They are now pinned to my board!

  11. These are beautiful and such fun.

  12. What fun! I better start making a list of things to try! LOL
    Your designs are mesmerising. It dawns on me that doing a series of FMQ designs would be an excellent way to "brush off the cobwebs" after a time away from it.
    Shoot, my list just got longer by a bunch! LOL
    Thank you, Hillary.

  13. My apologies on misspelling your name, Hilary.

  14. LOVE your designs, Hilary! I'm going to practice them on a charity quilt I'm working on. Thank you. I'm not sure how I ran across your blog but I'm now set up to follow you.

  15. Good grief woman, you are a force of nature!! These are lovely.

  16. I have to agree with 'Living to work - working to live' !
    Your free-motion work is awesome !

  17. It's so nice of you to share these! Thanks very much. :)

  18. I feel like I just discovered a gold mine! I clicked on a link at the Inbox Jaunt website and found all your delicious free motion designs just in time to help me with a half-square triangle quilt I'm quilting. I'd gotten bored with the designs I'd been doing in the light half of the blocks. I will be bored no longer!! Thanks so much.

  19. Hilary You are a whizz at this free motion is obvious you love it. I have been looking for some new designs to try on my new quilt. You have given me inspiration many thanks for sharing your passion.