Friday, 10 January 2014

Finger Print - free motion quilting Cameo 14

Finger Print - free motion quilting Cameo 14
OK, this isn't exactly a design motif, more a way to use parallel lines, but what a way! Columns of parallel lines are much used to great effect by Laura and Linda  Kemshall and
They are great for covering area and not detracting too much the terrific surface design that Laura and Linda are famed for.

They can also be used as the star of the show, rather than just the supporting cast. By gently opening out or closing each parallel (which, if you want to be pedantic, or course means it is no longer truly a parallel!) the columns can be made to twist and turn to go around just about any shape you want. Of course, you can also alter the width of the columns. Here, I've also altered the space between the columns, making them also gently open and close. So often, the un-quilted negative can be used to form an important part of the over-all effect.

The combination of all these variables gives a lot of room to play - and we haven't even thought about thread colour!


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