Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Notan leaves and more Procion Paper Play


Notan Leaf 1 - printed on paper with thickened procion dyes
I thought it would be great to start the year I hope to go on - namely with some creative fun.
I have played around a little with Notan - that is motives and patterns that balance negative and positive space. I made a few leaf stamps with funky foam, thickened some dye and off I went.

Grid stamped Notan Leaf 1

I've overlapped the stamp here to make a loose grid. The background overlaps but not the leaf itself. Extra texture is added with another stamp, made from rubber bands stretched across a base.
Overlapping Notan Leaf 1 stamp
Here I've overlapped the leaves in this one - not sure I like this.

Notan Leaf 1 multi-directional  overlapping
And pretty sure I don't like just overlapping in all directions

Notan Leaf 2
 Here is Leaf 2...
Notan Leaf 2 - mirror repeat
repeated and with mirror image..
Notan Leaf 2 stamp half drop repeat
different colour scheme and a half-drop repeat grid.

Notan Leaf 3 - simple repeat
 Notan Leaf 3 - very fiddly stamp to make this one, not just cutting out all the little bits of foam but sticking them on to the other side!
Notan Leaf 3 horizontal half drop repeat


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Hilary Florence

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