Saturday, 7 September 2013

fmq cameo 2 Figures of Eight

Here is the next cameo, several days later than promised. I hadn't reckoned with technical difficulties - such as not being able to open a new post - does make things a bit difficult! As you can see, I've made it with umpteen clicks and going around in circles. The last post was 'we have lift off' - I was tempted and call this one 'and we've crashed'! I've also just seen on the preview that the picture has publised twice. It isn't there twice on the original post page, so can't fix that. Definately something wrong here. Sorry.

Anyway, technical difficulties apart - here is number 2. Figures of eight are not original I know, but I have never seen their versatility exploited (let me know if you have). You can change the height, breadth, size of loop, how spaced out they are... Here I have done them in undulating columns. The photo doesn't really show how they 'negative' space between the columns also then stands out and becomes a feature. When stitched in colour, changing the size and thus the density of the pattern gives the illusion of darker and lighter shade. It is also great to quilt as  you can get into a lovely swinging rhythm.

fmq cameo 2 - Figures of Eight

Enjoy and thanks for dropping by

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