Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Catching up, bottles, UFOs and Free Motion Quilting

Blogger technical problems seem to have evaporated as suddenly as they appeared - both events seemingly without my intervention. So now I can catch up with some posts and share with you what I am up to sewing wise.

Revisiting an old UFO - an exercise in curved piecing using bottle shapes
Along side the 101 Free Motion Quilting Cameos, one of my projects for this year was to dig out and re-visit my UFOs (unfinished-objects). Having other work commitments has always meant that my imagination works quicker than my hands and time permit. I itch to get going with a new idea and my quilting life is littered with victims of my impatience to start something new before completing the current work.

I've recently blogged about bottle shapes and it is not the first time I've used them. A few years ago, I used them to practise curved piecing and made about 15 or so blocks, but never got around to sewing them together.

I decided, rather than to make one big piece I would make several smaller wall hangings. This would also give me the chance to try out several different quilting ideas.

3 bottle blocks added together to make a small wall-hanging
I started my quilter's life by dyeing material for the sheer love of colour. I got into piecing because it seemed to be the only thing to do with all this wonderful fabric I was creating. I got into curved piecing because I found stitching squares boring. And then I discovered the joys of free motion quilting and really got hooked.

I really wanted to use some of the designs from the cameos on this. So I've started out by quilting bottle outlines.

Bottle quilt - bottle shapes outlined in quilting
 The shapes are echoed - and I didn't want the lines to be totally parallel - although I've got one or two wobbles more than I wanted!!

Detail showing outlines to be quilted

Detail showing bottle shaped outlines to be quilted

This does make very awkward shapes to quilt - should be interesting!

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