Thursday, 20 November 2014

Be Careful for Asking for What you Want...

... you might just get it! The well know phrase is meant as a warning getting what we want doesn't always turn out quite as thrilling as we had expected. But in this case, I rather think it has.

In my post on 'Round the Bend in 12 Squares'...

...entered into the West Country Quilt Show, I said I secretly wanted the prize for Machine Quilting - and I got it - and I am thrilled!!

Thanks so much to Muv of Lizzy Lenard Vintage Sewing who went to the show on day one and emailed me this photo as soon as she got home.

So, with all this gold fabric I now have, I aggonised for a few days over a possible gold version - would it work without the change of colour per square? Would this or that be better? And then I got fed up with myself. Do you see Norma Shlager whinging over what might or might not work in her Skinny Wriggly series? No. Do you see Heather Pregger holding back on Tuning Fork Series? No. (Both series worth a visit - see my side bar) So stop whinging, prevaricating, procrastinating and just do it, and if it doesn't work, move on to number 3.

So here is the start of Round the Bend 2!
A few of you have asked how I get the lines to join together. Quite simply, I draw the whole thing out in one piece and then cut it up into squares.

Here it is once I've quilted in the lines. There is no way to mark this gold fabric without leaving a permanent line, so I've stitched it from the back...

... and here is a detail from the front. Then working from the front I can fill each square with pattern.

This is the top line, middle square, as yet with no binding. I start with sewing around the square as close to the edge as I can go to hold it all in place. It is quite useful to be able to start the design outside of the square when curves are involved, which you can see I have done at the top. Of course, this is only possible on and outside edge - it gets a bit tricky quilting at the other edges of the square.

 This is top row, right hand square. At the moment, my plan is to cut out the central unquilted curve that runs through the piece and have it black. That may change when I see it all together.

Here are the two squares side by side, as yet unbound. I think, as I feared, the change in pattern alone without a change in thread colour, is not going to be enough to distinguish the squares. However, I've started so I will finish!! 

Thanks for visiting...

Hilary Florence

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  1. Super-duper congrats on the Ribbon!! You definitely deserve it! I like that you started all the quilting from the back- have you thought about doing all the quilting that way? It might cut down on the reflectivity. I also like the idea of cutting out the pathway at the end (I'm imagining something like cosmic split). In terms of differentiating the squares, have you thought about doing a slightly wider binding? It might help a bit. Fabulous progress!

  2. Congratulations! you really deserve it. This project ist juat amazing.
    Greetings, Rike

  3. Congrats on the prize - it's well deserved. I love what you do with all those swirling patterns and I think it's amazing that you manage not to make mistakes as you turn into and out of the tight curves! Looking forward to seeing the gold one completed.

  4. What a great concept to making this wonderful piece! It is amazing and the judges thought so as well- Congratulations and look forward to seeing it with boarders as well! You did a beautiful job!

  5. Congrats on your big win, certainly well deserved. I LOVE what you are doing with the gold. I would be afraid of doing the whole thing from the back because I frequently get thread snarls, but just doing those swoopy lines on the back and then filling in from the front is genius. And thanks for mentioning me in you post.

  6. well done! I'm liking this version, too. While subtle, I still think it will work.

  7. Way to go Hilary - a well-deserved ribbon! This gold is already looking interesting. I see what you mean about differentiation, but cosmic-splitting it may well be the answer, or as Shannon said, maybe slightly wider bindings?

  8. I'm excited for your well deserved win! And as to the gold--it is hard to let go of one effect when creating another. I'm liking what I've seen so far of the gold.

  9. Congratulations on the ribbon! I can imagine how thrilled you were to find out. I love the gold version because it looks like hammered metal. Very beautiful!

  10. Congratulations on the ribbon! The gold is looking good, thanks for sharing your process.

  11. so thrilled that the judges got it right and awarded you the first prize, you know how much I have loved this piece and the gold one is going to be equally as splendid

  12. Beautiful work, it's good to see how you're creating this gold version.

  13. Hello Hilary,

    It was wonderful seeing your quilts in real life... and taking the photo of the ribbon for you! I'm looking forward to seeing round the gold bend.

    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks!

    Love, Muv

  14. Yah Hilary!! I'm so happy for you!! Congrats!