Friday, 10 May 2013

surface design with procion MX dyes

As in the previous post, these couple of abstracts are done with (an old!) credit card. This time, the card was not so loaded, so no beads of dye around the edges. I've created movement by dragging the card in a curvy waves.

The 'doodling' is again done with a needle-nosed bottle. I've aimed at imitating a script without it actually saying anything. 

I really enjoy working with the effects you can create using a needle-nosed bottle. It took me a long time to find a supplier in the UK (Art-van-go has them). Then a friend produced the bottle her home hair-dye kit comes in. Identical! So if you are having problems finding a needle-nosed bottle - go and buy some hair dye.

I've used turquoise and charcoal dyes, which of course mix to give lovely shades of teal.

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  1. So vibrant and alive yet at the same time also calming. Lovely.