Thursday, 31 July 2014

Not so fine toothed comb - FMQ Cameo 38

Time for another free motion quilting Cameo

free motion quilting original design
The Not So Find Toothed Comb  FMQ Cameo 38
This is an example of how very simple ideas can be combined to give a useful motif. A line and a squiggle combine together to give the impression of a fine (or not so fine) toothed comb.  What could be simpler? You could almost argue that it doesn't merit the label of 'motif' . And yet put these two elements together and you get rhythm and texture in a very pliable way. You can see that one of the characteristics of this stitch is that it opens and fans easily to go around even very tight corners. The length of line and number of squiggles can be increased or reduced to fit any width required. All round, a very versatile pattern.

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Hilary Florence


  1. I can see where this would be very useful. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. I am musing about a filler design for the solid areas in a quilt waiting patiently in line to get onto my Avanté. Thought I'd check out some of your past motifs, but today's is quite a beauty, and might just be the ticket! Thanks for the inspiration, as always. Off to go doodle...

  3. I love how this one looks in the top, right corner. Two of them are close together as they complete the curve. I can envision that continuing into a circle. As always, another inspiring design.