Monday, 23 June 2014

...and then 3 came at once!

It is a known fact in British folk lore that you have to wait hours for a bus to come - and then 3 come at once. So it is with my FMQ Cameos. I have been very lax about posting them in the past few week - literally sidetracked! So here are 3 at once.

That is the Question - fmq Cameo 35
The first one, based on a question mark is aptly named 'That is the Question'. I know I keep saying 'I really enjoy quilting this motif' but the curls on this one are fun to do. It took a bit of practice to get the thicks and the thins as I wanted, but I am pleased with them now. Putting the motif in a box allows me to also include the motif inverted. This is an idea that I use with quite a few of my motifs.

Ripped Ribbon - fmq Cameo 36
This is one of those motifs that looks different depending on whether you look at the positive or the negative. I conceived it as a ribbon with random rips in it and I think it may be more effective as a single row. There are 4 rows here, so that you can also see a very odd what? - tree trunk with short, stubby branches? Definitely go with the ribbon - it's prettier!

Fmq Cameo 37
I haven't come up with a name for number 37 yet (all suggestions welcome). I hope you can see what I have done because it is easier than describing it! The idea was that the little vertical lines joining the S shapes, themselves create  a curving vertical shape and also alter the balance between the two bowls of the S. I told you it was easier to look!

Thanks for dropping by...

Hilary Florence

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  1. I like all three of your newest designs! The question mark pattern looks like fun and I want to try it very soon. I'm very inexperienced at fmq, but just learned to do spirals and included it on my last quilt. I loved the movement of my hands as I made the designs, the rhythm of quilting and just working down the sashing. Cameo looks like something I could do with practice. While Ripped Ribbon looks like it wouldn't be too hard, having to keep everything in a line and the same width is beyond my ability level. Anyway, thank you for your 3 newest patterns. I'm so glad you're sharing them on your blog.

  2. Great designs, Hilary! Sometimes life just gets in the way. . . or other quilting projects ;)

  3. Really like your designs--thanks for posting them.

  4. Three great designs! No name suggestions this time.

  5. Jogged loop? And my favorite is the ripped ribbon, such cool possibilities!

  6. How about Goldfish for design #3? To me it looks like the snack cracker, not the live fish. Thank you for all of the great ideas. Take care and God bless, Cory

  7. Great designs! #37 looks a little like fish to me... I can't see the trees at all! :)

  8. Ha ha, yes, I've lived in London and that is so true! The #37 design looks like submarines or blue whales to me :)

  9. Very Nice, You do amazing work!!
    I don't do FMQ at the moment but it is on my next to try list.:)

  10. Great minis, Hilary. The Ripped Ribbon really appeals to me! Thanks so much for sharing all your brilliant fmq ideas!

  11. These are awesome! Thank you for sharing these ideas. I might have to use Ripped Ribbon on my yoga mat bag I'm quilting at this moment! For the third one, in the first few rows starting from the left, I first saw mittens. They are on their side. How can you tell I'm Canadian?!

    1. Yikes! After a note from Hilary, I feel I need to clarify to the world that it's not snowy weather here!! It is hot, high 80s (28-30) now for the next week or more, and humid, down here at 42N latitude. All of Canada is in summer weather now, even waaay up at 53N where I am originally from! :-)

  12. I'm always intrigued and fascinated by your cameos. I saw fish in #37, as well.

  13. And men are like buses, but I'm far too old for that sort of nonsense now.

    Lovely cameos, Hilary. The shapes in the last one remind me of the figures on Easter Island. Or is that too barmy?

    Thanks for linking up again with Free Motion Mavericks.

    Love, Muv