Monday 7 April 2014

What's its name?

It's two for the price of one this week with the next two squares in my nine patch 'more learning curves'

I've said to quite a few people that I often have more problems thinking up names for my fmq designs than I do coming up with the designs themselves. This is the case with today's examples - so I thought I would ask you - what do you think? What do they suggest to you?

This first one is one of my all time favourites that finds its way into most of my pieces. It is one of the first designs I cam up with. I start with the central 3 circles then add the wings right and left. As you can see, it is very adaptable, the wings can be distorted to go around corners. The central circles give it some weight and when stitched small, it gives a rich dense texture.

This next one is one of my 'there and back' designs. It doesn't matter which side you start with. This has similarities with 'under-neath-the-arches' fmq Cameo 3. These are limping arches, so starting with the left or right side, stitching arch shape into the centre, with alternating long and short 'feet'. When you reach the end, go back up and stitch the pattern in reverse. Here, I have tried to match the feet, making one side the mirror image of the other, but you don't have to. With this one I always get the idea of a millipede with club feet and thinking of all the shoes he/she would need, wonder if i should call it 'Cobblers nightmare'?

So, any ideas and suggestions for the names of these two motifs will be gratefully received and next week, I'll let you know the results of this survey!

Thanks for dropping by...

Hilary Florence
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  1. That first one is so beautiful. Amazing quilting. :)

  2. The first word that came to mind, with the first quilt (with red) was "Grow". I see shoots of hay/grass, working there way through the spring soil. For the second quilt the word is "Sublime". It makes me think of something coiled, comfortable and nested. Again, I really love your FMQ.

  3. oh my I don't know what this says about me, but the first one looks just like a bunch of spinal columns to me... and , no, I am not a nurse or a radiologist!!!! They are lovely, though. Kate

  4. Visiting from Let's Bee Social! I love these designs Hilary. The first looks like lungs and sternum and the second reminds me of dovetails. Great quilting!

  5. Visiting from Esther's Blog -- your FMQ designs are gorgeous!! I see "Climbing Vine" for the first one, and "Cobbled Pathway" for the second! :)

  6. WoW!!! That is incredible!! I've tried FMQ before and it left much to be admired.. haha!!

  7. both your quilting designs are facinating and create unexpected pathways for the eye to follow. I think your cobbler's nightmare is an excellent name!

  8. Your creativity with quilting always amazes me.
    I agree with Jo Ferguson, "Grow" would be a nice name for the first one. I was looking for the name an existing flower that looks like this but "Grow" is more like what I was looking for. It also makes me think of peas in a pod.
    The second one makes me think of pathways with flower borders.

  9. Great designs! I immediately thought of the DNA-RNA protein. Not really a name there, but funny where your mind

  10. The centipede idea is so cute. I can see it and the name "Cobbler's Nightmare" is perfect.

  11. Looks like "Spines" to me too.

  12. I'm from Vermont and the first one looks like spring flowers and the lines make me think of the roads which in spring if not paved become mud roads. We call spring mud season here so mud season is what I will call it :-) love the design.
    With your designs, do you make the lines first then fill in? What about the ones that don't have quilted lines but clusters, do you draw lines with chalk? Thank you for sharing your work :-)

  13. You are down as a 'no reply blogger' so I have not been able to reply to you personally. To answer your questions, yes, I chalk mark the lines first, quilt those and then fill in with the design. I do not mark the design. I'm not sure which pieces you mean with the clusters, but in general I mark as little as possible. Hope that helps. Thanks for visiting

  14. They are both so fabulous! The first one reminds me of flying beetles.

  15. Naming is not my strong suit, but I have no trouble liking your quilting designs. It looks like fun to try so long as I can live with imperfection for a while.

  16. Always creative. Always a pleasure to see. Your work is sew inspiring, Hilary! Thanks so much for sharing!

  17. I thought of Hollyhocks on the first design. From the responses, it is obviously organic!

  18. How abput "mermaid hair" ( or "Ariel") for the first one. Or "ocean current", or "Mucha"? The last suggestion is the name of an Art Nouveau artist who made lovely depictions of women with flowing hair. I also like the names give suggested here about DNA for the second quilt.
    Your work is an inspiration!

  19. The first one looks like it could be called 'beaded hearts.' The second one, I don't know, but they both look wonderful!